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All lens implants were of a type called a monofocal lens implant.
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2.8mm Manual Iris Lens
Monofocal Lens:ML0612A
Fixed iris monofocal lens:FL14123
8mm Manual Monofocal Lens
Monofocal Lens:MF0712A
Mono-focal Lens:S-071129-01
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  • Manual Iris Lens  ( 1 items )

    Manual Iris Lens A lens with a manual adjustment to set the iris opening (F stop ) in a fixed position.


  • auto iris lens  ( 8 items )

    Auto iris lenses are much more versatile than fixed iris and manual iris lenses.

  • Board lens  ( 4 items )

    Offers a variety of board lens related products for engineers.


  • CCTV Lens  ( 19 items )

    Fuzhou Looklens Optics Co.,Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer of CCTV lenses(cctv lens).

  • Sigma lens  ( 1 items )
    Build quality of older Sigma products is notoriously inconsistent.
  • Camera digital lens  ( 6 items )
    There's a lot of variety in the world of digital camera lenses.
  • Pinhole Lens  ( 4 items )
    This sleek new design is a top quality pinhole black and white video camera that's been wired and designed for special surveillance situations.
  • Varifocal Lens  ( 10 items )
    Varifocal lenses allow you to see near and far using just one pair of glasses.
  • Optical Lens  ( 8 items )
    Find China Optical Lens and China Optical Lens Suppliers at our company.

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